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Posting this while having stomach discomfort..
Oh! Hey guys!! I really don't know what should we do about this comm. XDD

Anyway.. Since I just reformat my laptop, I don't have photoshop so there's no banner.
Just a caps for you.. rofl!! Here, we bring you two clips today..

Shinpei confessed to Shige!!! and Shige said..... However they are really cute!
And as for the performance, 7West did a lot of hip roll! Sexy?? Kakkoii!!

Shige~Collapse )

Translator & Subber - kaoru_yubiwa
Editor - lovegahora
Encoder, uploader - nana_chan59
HS7 WEST - Kimi no wana dake maboroshi demo kamawanai
long title is long!! but it's forgiven cuz I love the song..

 Translator & Subber - kaoru_yubiwa
Spot-translator, Editor - talisa_ahn
Encoder, uploader - nana_chan59

+ 1 bonus.. not really actuallyCollapse )

ENJOY these 7WEST clips! Please tell if there's any broken link or whatsoever..
Will be locked after a week.. if I remember to do so. xDD

Hi! sorry we haven't released something for such a long time. everyone is busy and we're lacking in translators and staffs.

So we bring you 2 Shokura clips of Takada Sho and Masuda Ryo's letter to you corner and junior medley corner.
Junior medley was performed by some of MSM, Taiga and his gang, Takada Sho and his gang, Yasui Kentarou. XDD

Translation : takada_sho_love


Download links

inside..Collapse )
will be locked in a week..
Hey all!! *waves*

sorry for our short random hiatus~ lol. the members have been busy these days. but now we're back!! XD

I know this next video is kinda off~ since today is not a valentine's day or anything. but I looooooveee this performance so bad~ ♥ I'm sure you'll love it too~ xD This is Sanada Yuma, Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, Nakajima Kento, Hashimoto Ryosuke, Totsuka Shota, Ishigaki Daisuke, and Goto Hiromi performing "Ai no Katamari" and KoyaMaru talk about Valentine's day. ^^

banner by shindii_ruiizu 

Download LinksCollapse )

translator : talisa_ahn 
k-timer & k-effect : kaoru_yubiwa 
timer & encoder : rarsii23 

special thanks to:
goro_chan  for the lyrics
puppeteer8  for RAW

Coming up : 2010.04.02 YOU no Otegami Yomitai Desu and 2010.03.07 Junior ni Q. and we don't forget about 2010.01.10 Full episode of Shokura... ^^;; please wait for that too~ XD

As usual~ request is available at our request post here.

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10 February 2010 @ 02:19 am

Hey everybody!!

I know that we should've released the full episode of 10.01.10 shokura with HSJ as a guest, last week. but I was kinda busy~ and plus with the snow storm and power outages last weekend, that just made everything even worse. xP so hopefully I will be able to finish it soon~ ^^

sorry for the delay, but please bear with us! ^^

~ thanks ♥

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19 January 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Hello everyone!

Just wanna make some friendly announcements here!! ^^ 

♪  We decided to close down our Youtube channel because it seems that NHK keeps deleting our videos. So we think that it's useless to upload our videos there anymore. sorry for the inconvinience.

♪  From now on all videos might be password protected and we will sure to lock it in a week time. Yes, I'm not gonna procrastinate anymore xP

♪  Your comments are appreciated everytime you're taking our videos.

We're currently looking for translators that are willing to translate Jrs shows, mainly Hyakushiki. check our job opening post HERE.

Request for Shounen Club episodes/clips are welcome, of course, you still can request for other shows too. check our request post HERE. Since we don't have anything in mind atm. xP

Coming up :
 - SC clip 2009.12.08 Kis-my-ft2 Talk + Kaze no Naka no Shounen performance.

~ Thanks for your attention! ^_^v

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31 December 2009 @ 03:07 am
Junior Team's affiliates page

affiliatesCollapse )

If your community want to be affiliated with junior_team  please comment here ^_^

(this page is still under construction)

05 October 2009 @ 02:28 pm

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for not being able to release anything recently. The team members got quite busy these days with school and stuff. But the projects are still progressing of course, but slowly ^_^

Here are some of our upcoming projects :

- Shounen Club in Osaka 08.02.2009 (in K-timing process)
- Hyakushiki 06.03.2009 "Convinience Food" (in translation process)
- Hadaka no Shounen 06.14.2008 (guest: B.A.D)
- and several Shounen club letters exchange.

We are also looking for Translators who are willing to translate mainly Shounen club and Hyakushiki episodes.

We welcome new translators since some of our translators are busy, and we currently only have one translator working on Hyakushiki projects. You don't have to be really fast in translating as long as you commit to your task. ^^

If interested please comment in this post, and I will pm you about the details.
Have a nice day everyone!

~junior team members ^^
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26 August 2009 @ 02:02 pm

Hi Everyone!! ^^

First, Thanks for joining junior_team, we got 100+ members already!! *throws confetti* xD

Second, we want to apologize for the delays of our video releases. RL has been busy for some of our staff members. but now we're getting back on track and hopefully will be able to release more videos soon. ^_^

So, onto the project updates!

SHOUNEN CLUB in Osaka 2009.08.02
Translations for this episode are finished and currently in timing process.

JUNIBEN tug-of-war (ep1)
In typesetting process, and hopefully we'll be able to release it by this weekend ^^

SHOUNEN CLUB "Anata ni Otegami wo Kakimashou" segments.
Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki - In translating process
Nikaido Takashi x Senga Kento - In translating process (this might be the first one to be released)
Yaotome Hikaru x Yamada Ryosuke - In translating process

and finally! xD

HYAKUSHIKI "convinience food" 2009.06.03
In translating process. ^^

it might take a while for Hyakushiki episodes since we currently only have one translator working on it. But, we will try to sub as much hyakushiki episodes as we can. So everyone please wait patiently and keep supporting us. ^_^

We are still currently looking for more staff, mainly TRANSLATORS and K-TIMER/K-EFFECT.
if you're interested in becoming part of our team. please fill in your application here.

Thanks everybody for supporting us!!! ^_^v

- Junior Team Staff -

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15 August 2009 @ 03:15 pm

Hi everyone! Here at
[info]junior_team, membership is moderated, so you must comment to be added so that when we start releasing projects. Here are our rules and guidelines on what to comment on.

1. Please DO NOT RE-POST our videos elsewhere. However, you’re more than welcome to share our videos by linking back to our community.
2. Please DO NOT HOTLINK our download links. As we said, if you want to share, please link back to our community. (exceptions apply)
3. Please DO NOT post our videos in ANY streaming sites. We will be opening a youtube account for our short clips releases. However, any full videos will only be available in junior_team LJ community.
4. Please DO NOT sell our videos or make any profits from them. It’s completely free for everybody . ^^
5. You need to have an active LJ account (meaning, you have at least 5 posts in your LJ. IF you don’t, please state in the comment box why you don’t have enough posts in there).
6. Please drop comments whenever you take our videos. Your comments and suggestions are very appreciated, and help to improve our subbing team. ^_^
7. LASTLY. Please drop a comment here stating that you have read our rules. We don’t mean to be strict or anything, it’s just to make it organized and to make sure we didn’t miss anybody. ^_^


ENJOY our videos!! And please keep supporting us!! ^_^

Kindly drop a comment including the following so the mod can approve you. Write at least your name, location and your fav. junior.

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12 August 2009 @ 12:53 pm
HI All...welcome to junior_team  johnny's junior fansubs community, actually i don't have staff enough now, so i would searching for staff to help me in here ^^

here's the position :

Project Leader : the one who lead each project, searching for the raw and maintaining this community membership

Translator : the one who translate the japanese into english

Timer : the one who organize the timing

K-effect & K-Timer : this is for karaoke I dun really know bout this too LMAO but i'm sure they must give the effect in karaoke / song performance

Editor : the one who cheking the grammars before typesetter typed it

Typesetter : the one who organize the color and position each subs

Encoder : the one who making it into hardsub

Quality Checker : the one who cheking grammars, typeset and timing before encoding the softsub

Uploader : the one who upload it into site, mediafire or megaupload

Graphics Maker : the one who making banner in each released subbing

so interested join me? i can't say US because NOW i'm the only one who interested doing this haha..

kindly send your application :

Name :
LJ Username :
Location :
Position :
Past Experince :


currently looking for the team before i'm start doing anything ok?
i need project leader SERIOUSLY since i'm not good enough at junior, project leader must be understand 'bout junior coz you're the one who find the raw for us.